Your thoughts are powerful.

October 8, 2019 | Mimi Bland

Think of one single thought, regardless if you choose to think angry, happy, sad or excited thoughts

Every thought has an effect on your body, it changes you. 

Even when your thinking thoughts like “I can’t” “I don’t feel good enough” “no one loves me or “I feel lonely” will have the same effects ?

Every thought effects your internal organs, your hormones, your immune system, every cell & organ in your body is effected just through the power of one single thought.

Our thoughts effect the chemical imbalance inside our bodies & creates disharmony, which over time leads to sickness & disease. Stressful, angry, resentful thoughts repeated over a long period of time cause havoc inside your body.

It is a proven fact that our thoughts can make us sick & our thoughts have the power to also heal us.

Our environments, negative people, stressful conditions & negative emotions produce physical symptoms, from a upset stomach to other severe health problems, like heart disease , cancer, arthritis & many more.

We have no comprehension of the power we hold. 

It is crucial for us to learn to stop responding to external conditions & situations so that you stop the body’s hormone imbalances, which damages our immune system. 

Everything is a placebo,  YOU breath life into everything, the power is not in the object or treatment, the power comes from what you accept, belief & surrender to. 

It all comes from inside of you ?

Your mind is so powerful that you can create the very condition that you fear just by focusing on it, researching it, joining groups to eradicate it, just keeps it vibrationally active in your own mind 

Your body effects your mind, but your mind is capable of immense effect on your body

Your cells are a living consciousness & respond to your thoughts. 

The more you improve your mental habits your body will begin to respond. 

You cannot control what happened in your past but it has had an effect on your mind & your body but you have the power now in this moment & going forward to choose your new attitudes, behaviours & perspectives that will all have an effect on your brain, your cells, your genes & ultimately your life ?

Peace, Love & Happiness ? Mimi x