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I have discovered my gift is being able to identify and see the true inner qualities of people i work with, which allows me to connect both spiritually and vibrationally with them to compliment their personal mindset to achieve life changing transformations.

I have a gift in seeing the best in people but more importantly being able to show them how to feel it, see it and realise their true potential.

I am a visionary and have a very strong belief system that aids me in offering a service that Leads, Inspires, Motivates and Empowers you to build self belief and confidence.

I have great gift in human understanding complemented with over 20 years experience in training and gaining knowledge in the field of Mindset, Positivity, Clarity and Spirituality.

I am here for one reason to coach and teach the power of the mind by promoting the ability to understand “Love” of thyself and for those around us.

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Personal Experience

During my life, I have been faced with several challenges to overcome, from being in unhealthy and abusive relationships (both physically and mentally), to developing a 10-year eating disorder. Both challenges, amongst others, resulted in me fighting a long battle with low self-esteem, a lack of confidence and deep self-loathing.

I felt completely helpless, fearful and powerless.

I used food to control and punish myself, repeating the unpleasant words I’d heard from others to myself.

I didn’t realise I was repeating a behavioural pattern that had been installed in me a long time ago. It was a pattern of abuse I felt comfortable with as it had been my normality for a very long time. I became a people pleaser, always looking for recognition to feel good enough, hoping that if people could only love me, then maybe I could love myself?

With time, I came to know I was keeping myself stuck in
my personal negativity.

At the time, I didn’t know how to begin changing my life, but I made a commitment to myself and decided to keep moving forward no matter how long or how painful it would be. That’s when my transition to happiness began. I changed my limiting beliefs by identifying my true inner desires. I began to re-write and create a new contract for my life.

As I began the process of reprogramming my mindset and the way I viewed life, I noticed the change. I began to like who I was, enjoy my own company. I knew the journey would take time, but I was now determined to lose the person who had fell victim to unhealthy patterns and becomes reacquainted with who I truly was. No longer would I be affected by other people’s thoughts. I knew who I wanted to be, and I was determined to reach her.

I threw away the sabotaging thought patterns that had been ingrained into my mind and replaced them with ones that matched my desires.

I’ve been through the self-acceptance journey and achieved my personal goals. So I know that you can too – and I can help you. Set your sights on your true inner desires, focus on how to get there, and follow your inner guidance. You can be whoever you choose to, as long as you don’t stand in your own way.

With my commitment and support, we will work together to identify your personal problems, resolve issues (no matter how big or small) and work to achieve your desired end results! My mission is to  lead, inspire, motivate and empower you to help you achieve your outcomes and goals. Let’s master life!

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