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With 20 years of experience in therapy and mindset mentoring, and having put my own approaches into practice personally, I’m perfectly qualified to help you design a new life. My unique process involves mastering your mind – something much simpler and less intimidating than it sounds!

Working together, I’ll teach you to control your mind, and create the conditions you need. I will help you discover who you really are and get rid of the limits imposed on you. My approach is about letting go of the old and creating the new.

Positive choices

When you know who you are and what you’re capable of achieving, you will become strong and confident enough to make positive choices and decisions when moving forward. I strive to ensure that you will be able to set specific, achievable goals and work towards reaching them - helping you to live a happy, content and fulfilled life.

My passion is to help you re-train and develop your mindset, providing you with awareness of your  thoughts  and  beliefs. This will not only help you achieve your goals, but it will change your life for the better.

You are in charge of creating your life. You just need the right tools, determination and passion. Together, we’ll teach your mind to work for you, and work on removing any negative thought patterns or attitudes that have previously prevented you from living satisfyingly. We will train your mind to think about what you want and avoid thinking about what you don’t want. It’s important to be diligent in training your mind, understanding that thoughts are forces, affecting your life.

Our minds are used to doing whatever they want to. They do not seem to want to co-operate, but its possible. Training your mind is like going to the gym and getting fit; you need the same level of dedication, determination, strength and focus. You must be able to recognise when your mind is out of shape, then learn how to restore it and make it work for you.

80% of success is in the mind while 20% is in the action or activity – so make sure your brain is on your side!

Being in control of your emotional responses and actions is rewarding and provides you with the power to make important life decisions with confidence. Achieving this means the outer world cannot affect your inner world – as your inner self is in your control. Your destiny is in your hands to create and manifest in whichever way you choose – so choose carefully!

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We will identify and isolate the negative thoughts and past situations that are keeping you stuck in your current situation and start to empower and release you.

By removing your negative built up programmes that have accumulated over the past years, we will enable you to obtain an insight to your true authentic self, showing you how to get back to your core.

I will show you how to become more confident in your everyday life, develop a positive self-image and a belief in yourself and your abilities.


When I start to work with you, we will look at where you are right now and the problems or personal concerns that are holding you back from happiness. We will work together, to identify where you are presently, how you have got to where you are and most importantly where you ultimately want to be.

Mimi Bland Working