How can you change things that seem out of your control?

May 4, 2018 | Mimi Bland

When you feel that there are conditions in your life that you cannot change, and you also feel that you cannot accept them as they are, you feel stuck and powerless. The problem is if you cannot change the situation and you believe that you have to change them in order for you to feel better, then you live your life constantly reacting to the conditions and circumstances around you. It is never the circumstances or the situations that are causing you to feel the way you do, but it is always 100% your thoughts about the circumstances and events. 

Whatever you give your attention and focus too is attracting similar situations and circumstances back into your life. It is your attention to that person, that situation or event that you do not want to experience that keeps it vibrationally active in your life! 

How do you keep things active in your life? You keep them active through the conversations that you have with yourself and with others, how you truly feel about certain people and situations deep within your heart and what that personally means to you? 

Your whole world is a perceptual world and is controlled and dictated by the frequency that you have been practicing and sustaining on a daily basis, but you have the power and ability to practice a completely different frequency. 

Every situation in your life, you interpret and give personal meaning to it, through your senses. Your mind is an artefact of all your past experiences. All the happy experiences that made you feel wonderful, joyful and expanded you and also all of the very painful, frightening and stressful experiences that made you feel contracted, stuck and kept you in a habitual negative emotional state of being. 

Every choice and decision you make in your life if you are not paying attention and fully conscious is always based on your past historical content, all of the life experiences that you lived up until today. 

The great news is that you where conscious when you gave meaning to everything that you observed and experienced in your life and you have the power and the ability to consciously take back control of any negative situation that you no longer wish to experience.

You do not need therapy and you do not need courses to reunite you with you. You are not broken, and you are not sick, you just have an emotional imbalance and you are addicted to your negative, limiting, sabotaging though patterns. 

All emotional pain is caused by your thoughts about it, your memories of how you perceived all your past experiences and you and only you, keep blocking your own path to everything you have ever desired and secretly wished to experience in your life. 

Once you become reunited with your own internal guidance system that is actively working for you 24 hours each and every day and is totally aware of where you are in relationship to everything that you have asked for and desire to experience in your life and as you release all resistance towards it you will be shocked at how quickly it can now manifest into your life. 

You just need to let go off all control and get out of your own way and anything you desire you can experience. 

You have already called into existence everything you desire; your only job is to remove yourself from blocking it flowing into your life. 

You are the creator, the attractor and the inviter of all of your life’s experiences.

You hold all the power to change any negative experience or situation, you just need to learn how to unlock it and release it. 

Miracles are so much closer than you could possibly imagine them to be.  

What is a miracle? 

“A miracle is simply a shift in your perception and releasing all form of resistance from within you which creates a complete shift in your life”